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Monday, October 19, 2015

Crack a smile

Since the time I’ve quit my job and started a blog of my own, I’m always looking for new ways to surprise my husband in the morning for breakfast and in the evening for supper. While it was good fun for a week, those elaborate recipes with fancy ingredients seemed like a whole day affair. Every alternate afternoon I would head to Nature’s Basket to shop for these exotic herbs and cheese. McCain Foods, with its gamut of products including Jalapeno Nuggets, Chilli Garlic Potato Bites and more, has made my life a whole lot easier. But my favourite is Smiles—delicious mashed potatoes seasoned and shaped into happy faces! The best part? I can blend these with my own recipe.

Cheesy and crispy, Smiles that melt in your mouth are the perfect way to surprise your family. What’s more, they are nutritious too! Also, you won’t have to flood your fridge with leftovers. They'll be over before you know! I have whipped up two scrumptious recipes with them for morning and evening:

For breakfast:
Smile in a cup
Grease the muffin tin and press Smiles in the bottom and on the sides evenly. Bake in a 425 degree F oven till they are golden. This will take about 15 minutes. Then, crack an egg into each cup and season it with salt and pepper. Bake at 325 degrees F till the eggs are cooked, for about 15 minutes and voilĂ ! You can now skip those early morning breakfast trips to McDonalds.

For supper:
Smiles pizza
It’s not fair that you are in the kitchen all the time while your partner is sprawled on the sofa watching television and drinking beer. So here’s an activity that both of you can do together. I have tried this with Monaco biscuits and it works! Layer the smiles with pizza sauce and then with your favourite toppings like diced chicken, pineapple, corn, olives and loads of cheese. Bake it like your regular pizza. Did you feel the burst of flavours in your mouth already?

To know more about McCain products, log on to http://www.mccainindia.com/. Thank us later!