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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A fish-bowl called “Life”

I saw two little fish in a clear bowl
Happily did they swim and whirl and snug
She blew kiss bubbles to her charming soul
"You're my world!” he said, giving her a hug!
Day broke only when her glass eyes twinkled
Morning for him was yawns, coffee and smoke
Droplets of water she smiled and sprinkled
"It's already noon!" with a jolt he awoke
A dazzling beauty cranky and adamant
"Why do you love me?" she angrily asked
Infuriated by his reply blunt
She brought in bitter memories of past
"Our honeymoon phase is over..." wept she
"No more a red rose and cute little gift"
"Get over it now! You are twenty three!!!"
Crystal eyes splashed tears, she was indeed miffed
"Go away!" her loud shriek frightened the skies
Her sweet heart flew into a mighty rage
"An exclamation such would be unwise
For I'm a human too, and not a sage...
Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll
I want you as my understanding wife
Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul"
By then, she was out with her verbal knife...
They fought till the tired sun took a dip
Exhausted, they finally felt sick
"This was trivial!" he bit into a chip
"I know it was!" her reply was so quick
The lazy moon awoke from a soft cloud
And cheered the two stupid little souls
"We will never fight", they vainly avowed
And calmly returned to their crystal bowls...
All those who are in a relationship,
This is my see-saw-like, fun-filled story
Fight like cats and dogs, but never give up
For Aphrodite's charm is what brings us glory...

Color Poison

I can see a bright ray
It pierces through my dream
Does it bring soothing hope?
No! It's just a betraying beam.
Faith hath lost faith in me
Promises like ripples
Thoughts like waves
Surface and repulse
Only to fade away
Your touch, it's fake
I want to break out of your hold;
Oh chameleon! go away
My heart flutters, my glance cold
You are known to change color
Hues of joy, shades of a rainbow.
But you sink your nails into me
Stimulating the poisonous flow
Vile insect! What hath thou done?
"What's done cannot be undone"
The venom speaks;
I'm Lady Macbeth, you're my Duncan.
The dagger sinks, I hear your shrieks
I bathe in your blood
I swim and I transform
In that emblemic flood...