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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Color Poison

I can see a bright ray
It pierces through my dream
Does it bring soothing hope?
No! It's just a betraying beam.
Faith hath lost faith in me
Promises like ripples
Thoughts like waves
Surface and repulse
Only to fade away
Your touch, it's fake
I want to break out of your hold;
Oh chameleon! go away
My heart flutters, my glance cold
You are known to change color
Hues of joy, shades of a rainbow.
But you sink your nails into me
Stimulating the poisonous flow
Vile insect! What hath thou done?
"What's done cannot be undone"
The venom speaks;
I'm Lady Macbeth, you're my Duncan.
The dagger sinks, I hear your shrieks
I bathe in your blood
I swim and I transform
In that emblemic flood...