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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dreams Assassinated

You mash them like a bar of chocolate.
The sweetest and the most exquisitely wrapped,
The child inside me throws a tantrum.
You scream at it and shut her up.
Tears roll. You think I’m Matilda.
Cheeks redden but your stone heart won’t melt.
A life threatening turn taken for time indefinite,
Wishes and hopes seem redundant,
It did happen this time as well.
I stand on the edge of a slippery cliff.
The valley doesn’t scare me.
Matilda is dead and so is the child within.
You slit its throat in your fit of rage.
Don’t beckon it. It’s never coming back.
Pray, you give me that push,
Let me experience the free fall,
Destiny’s gravity.