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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chronicles of a broken doll

You fell in love when you first saw me

But I was owned by your best friend

You couldn’t find the same one anywhere

You decided to steal

He probably knows about it.

Adorned with jewels and brocades

I felt like a queen

You took me in your arm every night

You couldn’t sleep without me

Slowly, other things grabbed your attention

And you didn’t pamper me anymore

You played with me when you wanted to

I spent the rest of my time in the showcase

You threatened to dispose me off

If I didn’t stop fighting

I just wanted to play with you all the time

Then one day you were so furious

You banged my face against the wall

Crushed it

That wasn’t enough.

You lit a fire

And held me over it

I melted

Evil tongues licked delicate droplets of wax

You grinned; I could see the sparkle in your eye

I only smiled.