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Friday, January 29, 2010

On her sadness

Right from the day of her first cry,
Not a single drop of happiness did she drink
Life flew away like a feather so dry,
Sadness and agony made her heart sink.

Ruptured was the seed of her destiny
A family no one would expect in dreams
Orthodoxy and superstitions ruined everything
And killed the joy by many other means;

Sympathised was she by the whole world
But there was reluctance in giving her a helping hand
The current of life just passed through
Leaving her life in Eliot’s Waste Land…

Tears roll down as she lies on her death bed
Due to the perilous “Cancer”
Last stage it is that she reaches today
Nothing can now save her…

Her cloud did not have a silver lining
It was a dull, dark ball of misfortune
The sufferings she endured are irrevocable
The background being – a melancholy tune…

On a withered flower did the poor butterfly land
No one to console, everyone showering mercy,
No one can predict tomorrow,
For the verdict lies with the great HE…

As I pass her cursed house
My heart grieves to see the wilted flower
The lovely girl with a colorless life
Over who the dangerous predators hover…

I pray for a soothing life
Holy Lord – please don’t test her anymore,
Make her a path of fragrant flowers
From earth to the heaven door…