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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am now 22 and still enticed by the numerous mirages that life flashes day after day. Nothing seems to be working out fine right now and whoever I meet only gives me an acrid dose of “maturity”. I don’t really know what that means. For my mother, it means not blowing a bubble gum in the presence of the family members, dressing up in an awfully archaic manner, tying the hair into a bun (apparently leaving one’s hair open is socially incorrect, I have no idea where that comes from though!), coming home before nine because she needs to deliver her daily speech of criticism at least an hour before she falls asleep, I sometimes wonder that my mother will make a good business (Mum energies all around the country can be channelized for a better cause) by recording her monologues (monologues because I’m not allowed to speak so I just act dumb – she has a problem with that as well at times). Coming back to the topic, maturity for her also means reciting prayers on time (atheism is not an option here), because I don’t pray, God does not love me and thus I am aimless and directionless. But technically, I don’t regret being a wasted child – if God did not love me, he would have inflicted misery on me – but that’s not the case either! Maturity inculcates tedious phrases like “understanding things”. For some reason, I never seem to “understand things” – now I don’t so please make me understand. That might be a risk though – people then end up analyzing my life and the problems associated with it and then I start seeing things which were never an issue. Not eating on time – Dude! Half of the teenagers in this world survive on crap like Maggi, Lays, Frooti (Please note: Matured people are not supposed to sip it and make funny noises towards the end!), chicken rolls and French fries – what are you talking about? Singing on the road, calling out people randomly from the cab, playing football with an empty mineral water bottle or marbles in the middle of the street with boys who wipe their running noses to their soiled Tees, are other symptoms of immaturity.
I guess I’m happy I can still be one of those characters straight out of Disney books; you can at least enjoy life that ways. Work is always going to be there but sometimes, it is alright to call up your boss to say you are sick and instead, go for a walk on the beach, surprise your wife or your girlfriend by keeping the house neat and tidy when she is back, let your kids win in a badminton or a chess game or plan a quick weekend getaway! I think that is what life is all about. So peoples! Remember you don’t have to act mature all the time…let yourself loose and do a Mithun da dance sometimes or go pick a flower for your wife from a nearby garden! Trust me, you will love yourself for that...