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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Journey from the Womb

He is in my impulsive blood,
Since the time I was conceived.
He preached love for months nine,
In a womb serene as heaven
So is ‘Life’ a voyage from heaven to heaven?
Or is its beauty the kingdom of the sky?

I could feel the world I was unborn to,
But yet, with that welcome came a morbid fear…
People asked her how I was, softly feeling her womb,
Her blush metamorphosing into angelic butterflies
The tense ones, the curious ones…
Waiting for this phase to pass by
So that she could at once, see me…

Deep inside it was dark and secure
The internal turmoil however was unavoidable…
This fair lady spoilt me since then
And still cannot stop pampering me…

I never knew I needed her
But she always needed me
To help me grow into a strong woman,
To encourage me for whatever I would embark on.
There’s spirituality divine in her lucid touch,
Her innocent kiss, her emotional hug,
Her tinkling laughter and also
In her softly ticking heart
I am blessed by ‘His’ presence
My Lord—God disguised as My Mother…