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Monday, January 18, 2010

Starry, starry night

On a starry, starry night
When the lazy moon nests in a cloud
With a tear on my cheek
I look out of the window and cry aloud.

“Hush hush my darling
You have wept all day
Rest your helpless eyes
While here comes a mesmerizing ray

A perfect world where hearts don’t break
Devoid of jealousy and bitter agony
Will you then hold my hand?
I promise you won’t be lonely

You can sleep in my arms all night
I promise I won’t get a call from work
And when you think things are not working out
I’ll kiss you passionately only to say “This will pass…”

When I’m by your side
I’ll cover you in your soft blanket
To assure you things will be alright
By holding you close in soothing velvet…”

But as I open my eyes the next morning
You are gone…and the tears roll down again
Only to realize the stars have faded away
Giving me back my anguish and pain…

I’m all alone this time
When the sun shines brightly in the blue sky
And I want to go back to sleep
To wander in lost memories and cry…

You might call it ‘escapism’ or ‘virtuality’
But it is the only thing I can hold on to…
When your dream world is in fragments
And there’s nothing left to say or do…