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Friday, September 28, 2012


A spiritless morning
Sinking in an oversized quilt
Misty windows
I turn towards your side
My fingers running
On fresh linen sheets
You don’t sweep my hair
To gaze at my smooth neck
To mark your territory
My curvaceous waist
Unblemished. Untouched.
Nights, no more a silken soirée
Smudged kohl contours
I wear a smile
And dive into Adrienne’s wreck
Injecting the anesthesia
Of limitless work
Time blends with seasons
Coffee blends with nicotine
Scotch blends with ice cubes
I panic.
I lost the master key
Under the sheets
It’s already midnight
I remember the words
Of fairy Godmother
I fly down the staircase
Like a helpless bird
Separated from its flock
I suddenly realise 
That there’s no returning
The prince won't come
With my crystal shoe

I was never wearing one.