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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Straight & Sexy!

Rapunzel has inspired me to have those long, flowing tresses since childhood. The fascination, sadly, came true only in my early twenties. Thanks to my darling mother, I've always had to flaunt the Lady Diana haircut which clashed horribly with my features.

The texture of my hair is wavy, which made me do crazy experiments to reach out to the other two extremes - curly and straight. It was fun to put down the toothbrushes of the entire family on the dressing table and curl my locks one at a time. 

However, more than curls, I longed for straight hair. Enrolling for a permanent straightening session was out of question! My friends told me to slip those bunches into notebooks before sleeping, but that was too uncomfortable. Moreover, the notebook was somewhere else in the morning. Then something struck me. My straightener was in my own house - the pressing iron!

That has been my craziest, whackiest and wildest idea so far, apart from the application of eggs and coconut milk. One has to try it under supervision, though; else you might just burn yourself! Take a thin towel and place a bunch of hair under it. Take a light weight pressing iron and run it over the bunch. Spruce up with a dollop of glimmer shine gloss or a serum. Make sure you don’t try this too often :)